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How i was embarrassed

Victor Oyebode,who replaced Bayo Bankole as “Boy Alinco” in Wale Adenuga’s television comedy series- Papa Ajasco and Company, is not ne...

Victor Oyebode,who replaced Bayo Bankole as “Boy Alinco” in Wale Adenuga’s television comedy series- Papa Ajasco and Company, is not new to the silver screen. He brings fun and hilarity to the role and thus, captivates viewers with his endearing style. Oyebode, who also lectures at Eko City College of Management and Technology,Lagos, rejected a banking job for the allure of the movie world.In this interview with DAMOLA KOLA-DARE, he disclosed that acting –his ‘dream job’–has given him fulfillment.

EVER since he burst onto the scene, Victor Oyebode, with the moniker, “Boy Alinco” has refused to rest on his oars while thrilling his teeming fans.

The actor cum lecturer who has featured in a good number of films like Gold Statue, Storm, Knockout, among others,  noted that he derives his inspiration from God and the desire to always put smiles on people’s face led him into the world of acting.

He described “Victor Oyebode” and “Boy Alinco” as sharing the same DNA.”Both are loving, caring, optimistic, result-oriented and relentless in all ways,”he enthused.

Reminiscing on his lonely childhood, he said: “I am a guy who was born into a world of loneliness and struggles. All my life , the only place I get happy is when I’m with people.

I was never given the chance to mingle unless I’m in school or church.Therefore till now being around people motivates me a lot. I just want to catch all the fun and give it back.”

He disclosed that he is wedded to the character of “Boy Alinco” such that it creeps into him even when not on set and people call his attention to it.

“The character has become part of me. I like to make people around me laugh and get happy. Unconsciously ,most people even call my attention to it and ask “Why are you doing like Boy Alinco?”, he noted.

While recalling an embarrassing moment with a female fan that got him dumbstruck, “Boy Alinco said: “There was a day I entered into my regular shopping mall and I was attacked by a fan to shop for her.

That day I could not get her anything. She really got me upset saying many things. I had to drive off hurriedly before she draws attention to me.

Most people mistake reality for fiction. They believe you have all the money in the world because you are a TV personnel. And funny enough how many people do you want to start explaining to? It was really embarrassing.”

Speaking on his versatility, he preened and purred: “I’m a total actor. I play every role given to me perfectly even in some tragic scenes with h tears in my eyes.

That tells you how versatile I am. Acting comes from  within for me. You wear each character as if the story is about your present life. Switching moods, doing your character analysis, with the right directing.

Surely I will give you the best. Afterall, I didn’t just pick acting on the go, I was born with it and schooled for it too.”

Oyebode who believes that his best moments come every time, revealed that playing “Boy Alinco “,initially was an arduous task before he became adept at it.

“Impressing fans out there was not an easy task, humans do not accept changes easily. A lady once said she didn’t like me because I didn’t act like my predecessor, Bayo Bankole,” he disclosed.

Explaining why he rejected a banking job for acting, he noted: “I did because I’m not kind of a guy that sits at a spot. I love meeting people, talking to them, making them smile or laugh,I love freedom.

Banking is for serious and calculative people. And not for a restless person who wants to be everywhere, meeting new people and exploring the universe. Working in a bank won’t give me that opportunity.”

He went on to eulogise Wale Adenuga and tag him his greatest career influence. According to him, he brought out the best in him and gave him the ‘mantle of creativity’.

Baring his mind on sex-for-roles in the film industry, Oyebode said: “It depends on every individual. Are you being forced or you want to give it voluntarily? That is the question.

Our quest for role differs, some work very hard to get a role , some pay their way to it, some went to school for it and some give their body to have it.

To me it’s a matter of  choice and no producer will force you to have sex with him or her, though I’m not saying they won’t ask for it ,but it’s totally left to the person to decide.”

For him, acting has been the icing on the cake. It has brought him utmost satisfaction and fulfillment.

” I’m born to act. Even in my other personal food business, I do acting. It is like you sleeping and getting paid for it. What could be more fulfilling than doing your dream job? You can never get tired of it. Even if the money isn’t coming as expected , but the passion will keep you going. Sooner or later you’ll start living large,” he gushed.

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