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Bombshell: Nnamdi Kanu Fires Bazooka at the Fulani, Calls them Inferior and Treacherous

Notable figures of Fulani By Onwuegbu Nwokoro   The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Friday sa...

Notable figures of Fulani
By Onwuegbu Nwokoro

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Friday said the treachery and inferiority complex of Fulani didn't start today.

In a statement, Kanu berates the Fulani and described them as a race that can do anything humanly possible for influence and political domination of Nigeria.

Read the full statement below; 
Nnamdi Kanu near White House
IT is slowly dawning on everybody how disastrous being in a country with Fulani can be.

1. When scimitar wielding Arabs invaded Africa in search of slaves, it was the Fulani that willingly turned their daughters into prostitutes to service the brown skinned Arab slave merchants in an effort to breed what they felt would be a dominant light skinned mongrel race in the Sahel. You can see their treachery and inferiority complex didn't start today. They became slave catchers for their Arab masters. It was Fulani cattle herders that regularly kidnapped their fellow black Africans and sold them to Arabs while their easy going daughters were busy trying to make half Arab-half African babies for the good of the tribe.

2. When the British came these Fulani ingrates abandoned pax Arabia and lay on the floor for the British to use them as doormat in return for influence and political domination of Nigeria. They were such good house-niggers that when Anthony Enahoro asked the British to leave Nigeria in 1957 by tabling a motion for independence, it was this same conniving Fulani you see today, Gambari and all, that said NO. They told their so-called fellow Nigerians that Britain, the new white gods from Europe, should continue to rule them and all Nigerians until they the Fulani say they are ready for independence. Go and read about it. They threatened to break away from Nigeria if the south continued to ask for independence from British rule. Can you imagine such nonsense! It was the equally foolish Dr Azikiwe that begged them to stay because he had a Hausa girl as a concubine at the time. He didn't want his mistress to belong to another country.
Fulani child bathing with cow urine

3. Now that China is threatening to become the most powerful country in the world, this same shameless Fulani through Aisha Buhari have once again offered their loyalty, services and submission to the Chinese in return for the usual political power which they have always craved. Keeping the rogue regime afloat is the priority right now. Fulani have abandoned Britain that made them who they are today. Sound familiar?

Why else would Fulani sign contracts and loan deals on behalf of Nigeria in Chinese language that none of them can understand? Because in the end it doesn't matter what damage Fulani do to other black Africans, the preservation of their hegemony is the most important thing to them. This is the nonsense the Yoruba race we are told are educated are supporting because of 2023 elections. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!


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  1. Yes we are not after dey oil for Igbos have oil in our own state, Biafran is to better our life,Niger Delta's are dey even enjoying the oil you are talking about,wake up before is too late