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Nigeria Encouraging Terrorism by Absorbing ex-Boko Haram Members into the Army - IPOB

IPOB PRESS RELEASE 27/07/2020   The continuous disgraceful release of Boko Haram terrorist fighters and killer Fulani herdsmen...



 The continuous disgraceful release of Boko Haram terrorist fighters and killer Fulani herdsmen arrested in Nigeria (Nigga-eria)  is a sign that Nigeria is no more existing but an expired rudderless  contraption without a leader. The recent release and absorption of 601 of these marauders into the society and recruitment of same devil -make -care criminals into the military are the height of hypocrisy of the current administration in the country. This is an absurdity and international embarrassment.

 Therefore, we the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader and liberator of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to issue a stern warning to the Nigerian Government,  the  Nigga-area Army and other security agencies that this heinous crime won't be tolerated any more.  Evil cannot be allowed to become a norm.   IPOB worldwide is working unrelentlessly in the face of this dangerous contraption to expose them no matter what they do to cover their crimes against the people of this country especially the Christians.

By this unthinkable duplicity, the Nigeria Government and those in Aso Rock have simply erased every doubt that they  are responsible for the numerous killings and massacres going on in the country particularly  in Southern Kaduna and Biafra land . Nigerian Government and Fulani leaders' penchant in  constantly releasing Boko Haram terrorists members arrested is purely an indication that they are out to eliminate more Christians in the North and Biafra land at any given date. We are aware of  their plans that Fulani and government are secretly recruiting them into the Nigerian police, army, navy, air force and other paramilitary outfits in the country.

IPOB has equally taken it as a priority to expose their evil plans against Christians in Southern Kaduna and Biafra land to the entire world. Since this APC-led bigotry administration  took over power in 2015 ,Nigeria has taken a turn for the worst.

IPOB is warning our people that Fulani terrorists in conjunction with the Zoo Fulani Armed Forces have teamed up to take advantage of what transpired in Oba to be launching surprise attacks on our members and volunteers in the name of pursing cultists. It is quite clear to all and sundry that IPOB is a non violent  movement  in pursuit of Biafra freedom and not indulging in cultism. We are astonished that  Nigeria government and her Fulani conspirators would involve IPOB with cultism.

We are therefore, placing the international community especially  America and Britain (the  Creator of Nigeria), as well as  Nigerian newspapers, those scamers and rented traitors  claiming to be agitators for Biafra who gossip at random, that  any further attack by the security agencies under any guise, on our members  shall attract severe consequences. Those who will be quick to condemn us then or those looking for opportunities to blackmail us as terrorist organisations should stop pretending about the provocative and senseless incessant attacks against our people by security agencies.

We must defend ourselves and it is our right to do so. Those fools used by Fulani terrorists government and few politicians to attack our mothers, wives and sisters in Oba Idemili South Anambra State have not been forgotten, the whole world shall hear their story very soon.

IPOB is out to restore Biafra sovereignty and cannot be cowed by anybody or group to abandon this divine project ordained by Most High God in Heaven ( Chukwu Okike Abiama ) , and we won't allow our struggle for freedom to whittle down  because of enemies' attitudes in our land.

We are not bothered about their strategy and antics towards this matter because IPOB is determined to get Biafra in no distant future . No state sponsored propaganda, attacks and killing against IPOB women and children can stop or change our resolve towards this divine fight for Biafra freedom and independence. It is a project designed by Heaven that Biafra must come in our time. Therefore, we are warning Nigeria government and her partners in crime who derive joy towards slaughtering Christians and Biafrans  that they will regret their actions and a time for reproach against those who stained their hands in blood is fast approaching.


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