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Atrocities in Nigeria deserve attention

Biafra is a nation geographically located in the southeastern region of Nigeria. The indigenous people of Biafra are the largest move...

Biafra is a nation geographically located in the southeastern region of Nigeria. The indigenous people of Biafra are the largest movement agitating for self-governance. As a resident of Kentucky and member of Biafran Diaspora in the U.S,, I am bringing to your attention the violent situation going on in Nigeria which has been targeted against Christians and the indigenous people of Biafra.

For the past five years, there has been mass killings, raping, burning of Biafrans properties/businesses, oppression, subjugation, extortion, political and economic strangulation, marginalization and the failure of the Nigerian federal authorities to investigate and hold perpetrators accountable.

There are documented incidents of violence led by the Nigerian state security with no mechanism to hold the current Nigerian administration accountable. In 2018, based on the Nigerian human rights report, the U.S. State Department found impunity remained widespread at all levels of the Nigerian government and that “the Nigerian government did not investigate and prosecute the outstanding allegations of Human Right violations by the Nigerian security forces and majority cases of Nigerian police and military extortion and other abuses of power.”

The most alarming is the massacre of Biafrans/Christians by the Fulani extremists’ group, Fulani extremists are terrorist groups supported by ISIS in Nigeria. The 2019 global terrorism index classified the Boko-Haram – another terrorist group linked to ISIS – as the deadliest group among others has gone largely unacknowledged by western nations.

Atrocities are being committed against Biafrans/Christians on daily basis. We Biafrans are calling on our representatives, our religious leaders, community leaders, President Donald Trump and his administration to stop the violence against the vulnerable religious groups and Biafrans in Nigeria by asking the Trump administration to appoint a special envoy, utilizing the Global Magnitsky Act- sanction against illicit individuals, tying military and economic aid to Nigeria and human rights reform.

We also are asking the U.S. State Department to cut off all funds allocated to Nigeria because we believe the money is being used to persecute Christians/Biafrans and aiding those dangerous terrorists.

Daniel Uchenna Osoro



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