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Lekki Gate Massacre: Nigeria A House Of Horror That Must Fall

  By Obiageli Vivian Mboma   On the night of 22nd October, 2020,   Mothers were waiting for the return of their young ones who went out ...


By Obiageli Vivian Mboma


On the night of 22nd October, 2020,  Mothers were waiting for the return of their young ones who went out with the Nigeria Flags singing in loud voices requesting for a ban of a murderous arm of the Police who has been labeled "TERRORIST IN UNIFORM" because they have caused too much pain and trauma to the citizens they swore to protect.


Parents were woken up with sad News of the Massacre by the Nigeria Army, a plot which was cleverly planned. First, the Lights at the Toll Gate were all switched off. The CCTV Camera were all pulled down. While all these plots were going on, these young ones were singing the National Anthem and flying the Flag asking the President to speak to them about their Demands. Some of their demands was improvement of the wages of the Nigeria Army that turned to kill them. They asked for good healthcare, Education, check on the steady looting of the state Treasury and many others, but most importantly, they asked for RIGHT TO LIFE, which is #EndSARS.


Suddenly, about the hour of 7.45pm after successfully removing everything that will expose the planned atrocities, hell let loose. The Uniformed Nigeria Army stormed the scene and started shooting live bullets direct into crowd of thousands of young people. So many died and there corpse carried away by the Soldiers. Hundreds sustained injury and bled all night because the Army held them hostage. Those that survived the bleeding were rushed to the hospital as soon as the Army drove off with the bodies loaded in their Trucks.

They left several families mourning. They left the world in total shock. Nigerians cried to the heavens and the survivors at the scene of this Massacre moved into retaliation.


This is the very first attempt by Nigerians to stage a Nationwide Protest. This is despite the fact that Nigeria has been rated by different bodies as third most corrupt Nation globally. The poor Masses have endured so much and the reason they marched this time is because they are not even sure of their Lives anymore. SARS has killed and robbed more than the dreaded Bokoharam Terrorist gang.


The poor Masses in Nigeria can not afford a two square meals either due to the ravaging of our Farms by Government sponsored Fulani Terror Herdsmen or the Oil spillage of our farm lands by the callous Fulani dominated Government who doesn't care about the Clean up, there by making the land impossible for cultivation.


There is no single healthcare in Nigeria. People die for lack of money to access the hospital and it doesn't mean anything to the Government.


The education system in Nigeria is a big scam. Lecturers are not paid and half the period they are on strike. The school facilities have deteriorated to an unsalvageable stage.


The Leaders are the most corrupt in the entire world. They go into office to loot for their families. While their children are overseas studying, the kids of the poor Masses are in the streets hustling to survive.


The Security operatives, (Army, Police, Navy, Air Force, etc) are terribly corrupt and no wonder they are rated the most Corrupt in West Africa. They rob and kill the people they swore to protect, little wonder the Massacre at Lekki Toll Gate.


Nigeria is has suffered this terrible leadership from inception. It has been run by a group of Ethnic Group who have refused reform of any kind.

The only way to end the hopelessness of Nigeria is to end it. Disintegration is the only solution. Let every Region go their different ways and form a Government that will grow at it's pace.


The blood of the young ones wasted at Lekki Toll Gate and every part of the Nation shall not be in vain.


This wind of Revolution must continue until the end of NIGERIA is celebrated.







 Edited By Ngozi AdaDav

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