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An Open Letter to Adeyanju Deji on comments about Nnamdi Kanu

  By Anyi Kings I couldn’t believe that you Deji are this naïve. I will dissect you into pieces in this very expose so that you behold the d...


By Anyi Kings

I couldn’t believe that you Deji are this naïve. I will dissect you into pieces in this very expose so that you behold the distempers in your cognitive process.


You claim to be an activist and a proponent of non-violent resistance, upon which standpoint you condemned Kanu’s instructions against marauding SARS men. This is what you said:

“Nnamdi Kanu told his supporters to attack the police & burn down police stations. That’s the person you expect me to defend? Nonviolent resistance always works.”

Ignorance is the worst thing we will contend with in this uninformed piece of yours. I will take it sentence by sentence to show you how steeply ignorant you are after all.

You falsely alleged that Nnamdi Kanu told his supporters to attack the police and burn down their police stations.

First of all, when someone who didn’t hear Kanu sees this statement, he would think that Nnamdi Kanu is a living devil. This is true because you denied him a clear view of the prevailing circumstances surrounding the statement.

When Americans were protesting the death of Judge Floyd, Police stations were burnt down, government properties where torn apart, statues of confederates where pulled down. These were potent ways people expressed their deepest sorrows.

These expressions are not unfounded, and had the #EndSars protest ended without police stations been burnt down, then it goes a long way to suggest that Nigerians are not actually angry at all.

But it is untrue, Nigerians were angry and that is why they pulled down police stations. But then you went quickly to pick up your theoretical “nonviolent resistance” to defame the grandest expression of the frustration of Nigerian people evident in burning down of police stations.

You did this in two ways, first by falsely reducing the riots of #EndSars protest to an Nnamdi Kanu affair which is largely untrue. Secondly by shifting the blames of #Endsars protest (burning police stations and killing of police officers) to Nnamdi Kanu.

The circumstance you intentionally hid from your blind followers is that of the on-protest-police/army/govt-massacre. Perhaps if your sleepy followers can do as good as remembering the level of impunity of that time, when the government bought hoodlums to disrupt protest and kill people, then they would agree that you are lying to them and apologize to Kanu.

It was appalling that all of these, inclusive of what happened at Lekki didn’t influence your judgment of Kanu.  

While all of you media activists were just but watching while a murderous army was at Lekki gunning down innocent men, Nnamdi Kanu was intent on saving their lives.

You guys only talked, he not only talked, he acted because he understood that criticisms do not stop a tyrannical government.

He was listening to them via Radio and directing them on how to evade the murderous soldiers, how to form a formation that can save them. He did this because he knew that if someone does not direct the youths on ground all of them will be gunned down and nothing will happen.

You cannot deny that Nigerian soldiers are not worse; Nnamdi Kanu understood them better than all of you that was why he gave the youths orders to protect their lives. It is not surprising how some of these things often end. Now, you stay in the convenience of your room writing that Nnamdi Kanu told his supporters to burn police stations and kill them.

Okay, lets even check it out this way Deji, which one would you have chosen: death of many protesters arising from their commitment to your supposed non-violence resistance or more lives saved by people getting ready to defend themselves against terrorist infiltrated military?

We all know that those that executed the Lekki genocide and a lot of others associated with the #EndSars protests were terrorists in morals and standard. Doesn’t Nigerian army accept members of BokoHaram?

All these of course don’t affect you judgment.

Why then would a learned man like you accuse a person that tells people to engage in self-defense against such group as Nigerian army as doing wrong? It is because men like you have brains but don’t think.

You claim you are learned and informed but if we should operate by your principles all of us will die in a count. The Nigerian Law enforcements are not people that obey moral laws, if they do why then would Nigerians protest to end SARS?

This doesn’t actually count for Deji anyway.

Nnamdi Kanu only advocated for self-defense. Nigerians burnt their police stations because they are angry not because of you or Nnamdi Kanu. 

Finally, you said that you won’t defend Nnamdi Kanu because in your view he doesn’t play by your theory of non-violence, good and fine. But no one in his right senses could have implored you to defend Nnamdi Kanu. If you couldn’t defend dying protesters at Lekki is it Kanu that you can defend? You couldn’t even defend yourself when your guys in Law enforcement located you.

We defended you then. Didn’t we? We will do it again anyway, don’t mind that I am harsh.

In my opinion, just take back your sword for it can’t catch more than an ear and even if it catches an ear, an ear would be fixed back as though nothing happened. Don’t involve yourself in what is above you. Attack the government because they are the greater evil here.

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