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Nigeria; A British Company Or A Country?

  After the three hundred years of slavery which affected Igbo people the more, the White who carried out this crime against the black race ...


After the three hundred years of slavery which affected Igbo people the more, the White who carried out this crime against the black race moved to abolish it.


The abolition of slavery ushered in what they called trade on raw materials. Britain came in with monopoly, wanting to impoverish use it to impoverish people. But first, the indigenous people must be conquered, subdued and displaced.


Britain came with Religion, Government and War. With Religion they were able to penetrate the mind of the African and caged it. Made it vulnerable as to let the Government take root, and were there are still skirmishes, war was used to put them in line.


In 'Things Fall Apart', written by the Father Of African Literature, in the person of Chinua Achebe, he showcased how the White man came, divided Africa as to conquer her.


This is evident with the emotional words of Obierika to Okonkwo in the following words.


"We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.”


Unfortunately, this has been the method Britain have used to hold their colonies down till this very day.


Jaja of Opobo, an Igbo business man, the founder of Opobo land was a great king and a business man. He took charge and maintained monopoly over palm oil trade in Opobo and beyond. When Britain couldn't take him down, they exiled him to West Indies and murdered him many years after.



Before the arrival of Britain into Bini Kingdom, Bini was already developed with walls around the entire Bini territory, with her own Army and government. Britain levied War on Bini, exiled her King and raised Bini to dust. But not without stealing all Bini artifacts. Many of them still making monies for Britain in their National museums.


Britain have repeatedly pretended to want the growth of Nigeria. They tend to say things, to look like they have the interest of the people of Nigeria at heart. But it is all a pretense.


Britain needs the natural resources in Nigeria to survive, same way France needs to cage their colonies in Africa as to keep keeping France alive. The only way to do this is to subjugate indigenous people using the willing tools among them. Africa is rich in natural resources, but inhabits deeply poor people. How do we reconcile that?


The Fulani made their first entry into Nigeria in 1804. It was a young Islamic scholar named Uthman Dan Fodio that led the Fulani uprising. He first came as a Teacher, got followers, among whom were Hausa people. When his influence grew higher, he accused Hausa Leaders of corruption, declared Jihad on them and with the help of poor Hausa peasants, he was able to defeat Hausa kings and handed over Hausa land to his Fulani brothers from the Sahel. What started as a religious war, finally became a political takeover of the Hausa land by the Fulani.


The British, having studied the Fulani very well formed an alliance with the Fulani. The Fulani have no other interest other than to grow Fulani empire, by sacking and taking over villages. They have no interest in development and collective growth. Britain needs such people as to continue taking the resources in the South. As far as the people caged in Nigeria remains poor, battered and divided, then Britain is sure of free oil.


Having studied the Igbo, it is very important not to let them take charge of the country or even themselves. Same thing with the Yoruba. To achieve this, Britain continued dividing the South. Many negative propaganda were unleashed on the Igbo. They sold doubt among the Igbo and Yoruba, and with it made the two main ethnic groups in the South to be at each other's neck, fighting for who will warm the bed of the Fulani. Nnamdi Azikiwe first led Ndị Igbo to this unholy bed, after which Yoruba took over and continued to enjoy this bed till this very day.



In 1967-70, due to the barbaric killing of more than 50,000 Easterners in Northern Nigeria, Biafra was formed. Britain saw it as an opportunity to destroy the people of Biafra all the more, especially Ndị Igbo. It seemed Ndị Igbo remain the major threat Britain has in their quest for absolute control of the resources in Nigeria, using the Fulani. They sold propaganda, lied and covered atrocities committed against Biafrans. They called Biafrans rebels, branded them villains and with it saw to the killing of more than 3.5 million Biafrans. Not only that they helped Nigeria in logistics, they also provided Nigeria with Military ammunitions, through their proxy Russia.


Britain told Nigeria that Oil was discovered in 1952. It is 69 years since this oil was discovered and Nigeria has absolutely nothing to show for it. No 24 hours electricity, no water, no good roads, no housing, no job, no good hospitals, no health insurance, and no good schools. In all these things, Britain remains comfortable. Many Asian countries that Nigeria discovered Oil before them, are today first word countries, while Nigeria remains the poverty capital of the world. Children are out of school, youths are jobless and thousands have perished in both Sahara desert and Mediterranean seas, all in a move to escape the hellish conditions in Nigeria.


Britain have maintained that Nigeria will remain one simply because Nigeria unity is good for Business. The same Britain have granted Referendum to Scotland when they asked to be allowed to leave United Kingdom. Same Britain have left EU, yet they prefer to back Nigeria government to slaughter people as to maintain One Nigeria.


The truth is that Nigeria is never a country but a company, a concentration camp where atrocities take place. Nigeria is home to mindless looters. These looters are celebrated Abroad, while poor people travelling abroad using Nigeria passports are subjugated to lots of humiliation. A diaspora Nigerian needs to tell you what he is passing through. They call Nigerians corrupt, but dine and wine with corrupt Nigeria leaders.


Thousands of people are killed in Nigeria every week, yet these things are not discussed in the international media. In the North, Boko Haram, Bandits, Fulani herdsmen terrorists, ISWAP, etc are killing people and sacking villages. In the South, especially in the South East Region, Nigeria security and Fulani herdsmen are killing people. Nigeria is a killing field, where you can die for protesting peacefully. In Nigeria, peaceful protesters demanding for referendum are called terrorists by the government, while the real terrorists (Boko Haram) killing people are rehabilitated and recruited into the police and the military. This is absurd.


For indigenous people caged inside Nigeria to free themselves, Nigeria must be put to a permanent sleep. People, especially Southerners must resist the British orchestrated divide and conquer, which is as old as slave trade. The Yoruba must understand that for them to free themselves, they need to stand firmly with Biafra. With the South standing as One, there is nothing Britain and their Fulani allies can do other than succumb to the demands of the South.


It is time to end this British company masquerading as a country.


Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.


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