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Ambazonia Governing Council and Swiss Peace Delegation Meet To Further Discussion On Ambazonia Independence Struggle

  By Ambazonia Governing Council   On Friday, August 20, 2021, a delegation of the Ambazonia Governing Council met with a Swiss delegati...


By Ambazonia Governing Council


On Friday, August 20, 2021, a delegation of the Ambazonia Governing Council met with a Swiss delegation led by Amb. Gunther Bächler whom the Swiss Peace had appointed to facilitate mediations between Ambazonia and Cameroon. Present at the meeting were other third parties.


This meeting held at the invitation of the President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Cho L. Ayaba in the backdrop of various discussions, including at the UN Security Council to resolve the Ambazonia struggle for its independence and sovereignty from Cameroun’s occupation.


Amb. Günther Baechler to lead the Swiss effort to mediate an end to the Ambazonia Independence Cause


The delegations noted the necessity of the official consent of the consequential parties, namely the Cameroon government and the Ambazonia Governing Council to the Swiss-Intention, and remarked that there can be no negotiation process without this official consent. The leader of the Ambazonia independence cause, Dr. Ayaba, reiterated the policy of the Ambazonia Governing Council only to engage in a credible, multilateral, neutral third-party mediated negotiated settlement that is supported by the United Nations to resolve the conflict, and has the official commitment of thr Cameroun government. The Ambazonian delegation further underlined the intransigence of the Cameroun government, which falsely believes that it can defeat the Ambazonian people militarily.


Taking examples from other successful conflict resolution processes in history – especially in Africa, both delegations remarked the need for a frank evaluation of the limitations of the Swiss interest and engagement in the conflict resolution and the cost to the people of Ambazonia. In the interest of the effective resolution of the conflict in a way that guarantees peace in Cameroun and secures life, liberty, justice, sovereignty and prosperity for the Ambazonian people, the necessity of a timely action by the Swiss consequent upon such evaluation was acknowledged and stressed. The Ambazonia Governing Council shall take appropriate steps in due course based on such action.


Among other issues, both delegations further noted, and expressed their utmost disgust to a mindset in the international community that the Ambazonia War of Independence has not yet attained calamitous level to warrant urgent and definitive international intervention. This mindset is prevalent despite the ongoing genocidal horror in which at least ten thousand people have lost their lives on both sides with over a million Ambazonians displaced, more than two hundred Ambazonian towns and villages have been burnt down by Cameroun government forces, and the situation of over sixty thousand Ambazonian refugees at various locations in the Gulf of Guinea is debilitating.



Dr. Julius N. Nyiawung


Ambazonia Governing Council


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