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Exclusive interview by Vanguard News to Emma powerful

  Questions   1, How will IPOB handle the issue of those tarnishing its image in the name of enforcing sit at home that has been suspend...




1, How will IPOB handle the issue of those tarnishing its image in the name of enforcing sit at home that has been suspended?


We have issued warnings to those enforcing sit at home and also warned those attacking and snatching vehicles from our people in the name of unknown gunmen. IPOB will never allow them have breathing space to humiliate and intimidate our people because IPOB is a peaceful movement and our sole purpose is to achieve Biafra freedom not intimidate our people.


We know that the Departnent of State Services, DSS is the one creating different groups to demonise IPOB but they don't know how IPOB Movement is  structured. For 100 years to come IPOB will remain a puzzle to them. Those creating different Facebook accounts distracting IPOB leadership don't know how IPOB operates and should not think that they can destroy the movement or the leadership.


Monday Sit-at-homes have been suspended long ago. The suspension was based on compelling need not to compound the woes of our people. IPOB IS A FREEDOM FIGHTING MOVEMENT and listening freedom fighting movement, IPOB heeded various appeals from our people but the agents of darkness recruited by the wicked Nigeria security agencies are still moving about enforcing a sit at home that has been suspended. Their aim is to implicate IPOB as a violent organisation but they came too late.


We also have some Facebook urchins fighting the DOS probably because they don't understand the workings and organigram of IPOB leadership. Our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu set up the organigram with Command and Control. Anybody attacking DOS whether hired or doing so out of ignorance are not working for Biafra restoration.


2, What is IPOB' s position on the visit to Aso Rock by some leaders on the release of IPOB leader, Maxi Nnamdi Kanu?


We don't have any position on that. We are waiting for the unconditional release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU because he commited nothing to deserve his current ordeals and inhuman treatments.


3, If the Nigerian government eventually releases IPOB leader, what do you think will likely follow?


IPOB members and indeed Biafrans and friends of Biafra will be happy and thank our God, Chukwu Okike Abiama.


4, If government embarks on restructuring of the country from the point of view of the Igbo, will that assuage IPOB leadership to relax some of its demands?


Nigeria government must bear one thing  in mind;  IPOB is not fighting restructuring. We are not against restructuring but our demand is not restructuring. Our demand is restoration of Biafra State. All we need is a date for REFERENDUM to decide whether or not we want to continue with this forced marriage.


Those who think Nigeria is ready for restructuring may have to think again. Those benefiting from the current lopsidedness have made restructuring impossible. They are unlikely to heed the clamour for restructuring.


But for us,  the only thing that can make us slow down a little is government giving us date for referendum. Restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra is a divine mandate.   Our eternal leader Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu told them to restructure Nigeria they said no and killed millions of Biafrans in the war. Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB did not come on board to demand restructuring; we are for total freedom and independence.


5, IPOB position on the conduct of Anambra election made it possible for a peaceful exercise. How did you achieve this?


What happened in Anambra State during governorship elections is what to call masterstrokes to those evil politicians who wanted to take over Anambra State Government house by all means. By the time we frustrated their evil plots, they did not have time again to apply plan B. If we did not suspend that five days sit at home the desparadoes who wanted to enslave Anambra at all cost would have taken over the state.


You people always say that IPOB members are not politicians, yes we are not politicians but we are not illiterates. And the kind of politics we do, you cannot understand it because we are intelletuals and deeply operating international politics with genuine minds.


6, What is your advice to the people going forward?


Our advice to the people is : let everybody have endurance and wait for the coming of independent Biafra nation.  Nobody can stop what God ordained, and God has long ordained that Biafra will be free.


Our people must understand that there are obvious prices to pay for our freedom to come, and that is what we are paying now including the abduction and extrarendition of our Leader. But very soon the Egyptians we see today, we shall see them again no more! Weeping can ensure for a night but Joy comes in the morning.



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