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Nigeria Government, Hope Uzodinma Planning to Burn down More Communities in Biafra Land – IPOB

  IPOB PRESS RELEASE 02/12/2021   The attention of the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great l...





The attention of the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the recent plot and plan by Supreme Court Administrator Hope Uzodinma to use Fulani terrorists in Nigeria army uniforms to attack  more communities in Biafra land.  We, therefore, want to advise the following communities to be careful and watchful against the impending evil. They must not be taken unawares.


IPOB intelligence unit uncovered this wicked plot, hence the decision of the IPOB leadership to alert the affected communites. of this impending attack. The communities according to our intelligence include:  Ibiasoegbe Imo State, Eheala in Anambra State, Ihiala Anambra State, Mgbidi in Imo State, Ubuluisiuzor Anambra State, Nnempi in Imo State, Orlu Imo State, and Akata Imo State.



We want the traditional rulers, and other local authorities in these communities to be at alert and mobilise theirs youths to be vigilant and watch out against any invasion by terrotists under any guise. They should mount cameras and use drones to capture the scene as evidence for these criminals who must one day stand trial at the Hague.



We want to place our people, and indeed the world on notice of the ongoing secret genocide in Biafra land. The most annoying thing is that after committing these atrocities and Nigeria Government and its agents of death still point accusing fingers at innocent IPOB members and the Eastern Security Network, ESN operatives.


Our oppressors have continued their  systematic killings of our youths and burning down of communities in different parts of Biafra land. mentioned here. Our people must unite against this barbarity.


Our enemies are not relenting. They want to continue the orgy of violence and senseless killings witnessed in the wake of Anambra governoship election. Before the election the oppressors and their recruited hoodlums in their desperation to take over Anambra spilled a lot of blood including that of Dr. Chike Akunyiri the widower of Professor Dora Akunyiri who they tried to eliminate because of her hard stance against fake drugs.



Now these agents of death are on the prowl again across Biafra land. Our people must be vigilant and resist them. IPOB will stop at nothing in ensuring our people enjoy peace and safety especially this festive season. We did it before, we shall do it again. Biafra land must witness peace again no matter how hard the enemies try to unleash mayhem. Don't forget that soon after ESN was launched in December last year criminality went down across Biafra land but the oppressors who were embittered that Biafra was the safest place planned to distabilise the region and make it as insecure as the North. But our God shall defend our cause.



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