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IPOB’s Head of Directorate of State, Mazi Chika Edoziem, Addresses to the Biafrans

  January 1st 2022   Greetings to the Biafran People   Fellow comrades in the struggle and by fellow comrades, I am addressing speci...


January 1st 2022


Greetings to the Biafran People


Fellow comrades in the struggle and by fellow comrades, I am addressing specifically those of you that have remained undaunted, devoted and consistent to the IPOB FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES, those that have remained true and loyal to the leader of this great movement Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and those that have remained faithful to the structure he established. I salute you and commend your exemplary courage and discipline because without your courage and discipline we will not be where we are today in terms of the great progress and height attained in our match to freedom.


When we look back and reflect upon our humble beginning as a freedom fighting movement, you will agree with me that we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide has so much to be grateful to CHUKWUOKIKEKEABIAMA for because even during the darkest moments in our journey to freedom, he has proved himself time without number to be the rock of our help and strength. We are therefore rest assured that we shall overcome our present challenges because those that Extraordinarily Renditioned our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria are terribly disappointed seeing that their initial plans have all failed and came to nothing. Remain steadfast great Biafrans for it is just but for a little while and it shall all end in praises to CHUKWUABIAMA and boundless joy in the holy land of Biafra for our freedom is at hand.


The battle for our liberty and freedom and for the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra is multifaceted because our enemies come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They and their collaborators both within and outside of Biafraland came prepared for one single purpose which is to stop a Sovereign State of Biafra from coming into being. Great Biafrans permit me to ask this rhetorical question: CAN ANY MORTAL STOP THE SUN FROM RISING AND FOLLOWING THE PART ORDAINED FOR IT BY CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA? As you know the answer to this question to be a capital NO, I urge you the true followers of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to draw your daily strength from this fact that as it is not possible for mortals to prevent the SUN from breaking and driving away darkness, so it is impossible for any mortal to stop the RISING SUN OF BIAFRA from illuminating itself and taking its proper place of honour amongst the Stars of heaven because the Spirits of our ancestors are with us in this battle but above all CHUKWUABIAMA has determined that now is the time for the freedom of his children from subjugation, dehumanization, torture, imprisonment, pogrom, massacre and thousands of years of slavery.


The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra, the DOS is preoccupied with the work of securing the unconditional release of our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and to a larger extent we are also engaged in actions that will eventually and ultimately herald the birth of the Nation called Biafra. I am not at liberty to tabulate all that is being done in this regard but I can assure you that we are not living any stone unturned in our quest to achieve our immediate and long-term objectives.



The Eastern Security Network is CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA’s battle axe. He has used this outfit that our leader put in place under divine direction to drive from our land fulani rapists, killers and terrorist who occupied our forests and farmlands and were terrorizing our people prior to the emergence of the ESN. Twelve months since its inception, the ESN has done the unimaginable. This is why all forces of darkness are arrayed against it. This is why South East governor are unease because the people have taken their protection and destiny into their own hands. I can confidently inform Biafrans that more than 70% of fulani rapists and terrorists in our forests and farmlands have been dislodged and we are not going to rest on our oars until the remaining are sent back to where they came from.


As the ESN is engaged this patriotic duty of keeping our forests and farmlands safe for agricultural actives to go on unhindered, it is imperative that our people must be very vigilant when it comes to David Umahi’s militia because the majority close to 80% of its personnel are Nigerian police officers and foreigners imported into our land to help the Zoo security agencies in its continued pogrom of Biafran youths. Openly they are eliminating our young males who form the bedrock of our society. I am greatly pained when I observe what is playing out in IMO STATE. I am pained because I looked to see if there is but one man who can speak truth to power but low and behold our land is bereft of real Elders, our land is bereft of courageous Elders. They answer elders when an opportunity to go cap in hand seeking for one selfish advantage or the other present itself. They watch the carnage going on in IMO STATE but pretend to see nothing, they hear the sound of the machine guns fixed atop Nigerian army and police armoured personnel carriers and the bombs from their Army and Navy helicopters and when the dust settles, the mangled bodies of their children littering our communities and cities but these Elders are not moved because they have long ceased to be true elders having dined with the devil and mortgaged their conscience. The IMO STATE and EBONYI STATE governors have turned the killing of Biafran youths and razing down of our communities, businesses and homes their new sport. Where are the elders you may ask?


The intelligence report at our disposal reveals a disturbing trend to the desperation of South East politicians to create an environment of anarchy in Biafraland. They have now turned their eyes to the coastal region of Biafraland to hire militants to come into the heartland of Biafra and cause mayhem and targeted killings. We are alerting you now ahead of time because when they will begin to point their cursed hands at IPOB/ESN remember we informed you well ahead of time as we also told you that most of them the governors are responsible for the atrocities going on in Biafraland currently. They created the UNKNOWN GUNMEN for this purpose now that events in IMO and EBONYI has exposed their evil work, they want to divert our attention by their desire and desperation to turn their attention to the coast. Just a word of caution to our brothers in the coastal region, do not allow politicians to use you to spill the blood of your brother because the land of Biafra and the SPIRITS that own the land shall come after such a person that allows politicians to use him or her.


Please Biafrans take note; recruitment of ENS operatives is closed so do not fall into the hand of DSS in the name of recruitment for ESN. All ESN commandos and reservists should return to base within 72hrs.




The Kidnapping of Biafran youths irrespective of their gender and the kidnapping of Biafran men and women irrespective of their age is continuing without let. Thousands of Biafrans have been abducted by the Nigerian security operatives especially the Army, the Police and the DSS. A great number of these abductees are simply executed, many are raped, tortured and starved to death. IPOB has deployed multiple approach in tracing the where about of our people who have fallen victim to these targeted kidnappings. We also deploy multiple means to secure their freedom.


The Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has secured the freedom of more than 1500 of our people kidnaped by Nigeria security agencies at an enormous financial cost running into millions of dollars. This number includes about 500 of our people abducted from Obigbo in Igweocha. Let me hasten to add that there are still thousands of Biafran being held in different detention facilities across the Zoo. You may be wondering for what offence. These people have committed no crime other than that they are born Biafrans.


The IPOB Medical dept has been handling cases of our people who sustained all manner of injuries from torture at the hands of these terrorists in uniform. Many suffered serious traumatic, psychological and mental injuries that will take years to heal or may even leave a permanent scare on these victims. A lot funds are also expended by IPOB to provide the needed medical help.


The year 2021 despite many of its challenges was the year IPOB led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reached a key and very significant milestone. Our challenges however have also equipped us with the resilience to go into this new year firmly committed to carry out our responsibilities diligently. We must maintain discipline at all levels and at all times. No room for distractions please.




The following are some of the programs and actions which the leadership will vigorously pursue in 2022. These are the ones we can make public for now. Others will be made known at the appropriate time.

1. Worldwide campaign for the unconditional release of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (A Prisoner of Conscience). The Campaign will be called the THE PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE CAMPAIGN. In furtherance of this CAMPAING, all IPOB family members, Biafrans and friends of Biafra are hereby urged to change their profile pictures on social media with our official campaign poster.

2. Secondly all IPOB families worldwide are hereby directed to activate the earlier instruction passed down to them. We shall embark on a worldwide protest in cities and capitals around the world. Focus of our protest shall be British Embassies, the British Parliament, 10 downing street, the Kenyan Embassies, the Zoo Nigerian Embassies and International Organizations like the UN, the EU, Amnesty International and Media houses.

3. The DOS will be creating a new department in IPOB to add to those already existing under the Directorate of State. The department will be designated as IPOB EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. Primary responsibility is to teach our history, language, tradition and culture to our children. We have about three books that will be published this new year in furtherance of this. After the head of this department is made public, Biafran writers will be called upon to bring forward books and educational materials to be published for our children in primary and secondary schools.

4. Beginning from tonight, no more Nigerian National Anthems in all Schools in Biafraland. Our Children must no longer be reminded daily that they are under oppression by singing the national anthem of the oppressor. School authorities and proprietors have a responsibility to teach our children our national anthem. The Biafran National Anthem.

5. The ban placed on fulani cows will take effect in April 2022. Effective this month Fulani cows will not be used for any social or ceremonial events and festival in Biafraland. Our native cows will be used instead for these events Traditional Custodians of our Culture, the Clergy and Town Unions must ensure that this message gets to the grassroots. We cannot continue to eat and bring cause and damnation upon our land and upon ourselves by consuming cows that were used for bestiality.

6. The May 30th of 2022 shall take a different format. It shall be celebrated as our Independence Day. Seminars, Symposia and Lectures in designated halls will be organised. No protests. Preparations for this must commence without delay.

7. Finally, I cannot reiterate the importance of discipline enough and this applies to all levels of our structure. Every principal servant of the Indigenous People of Biafra report to his /her immediate superior. Our Command-and-Control principle is an indispensable tool in our operations and for our success for that matter. There is no middle way, either you are in or you are out. To this effect therefore those of you who are being led astray, the door of grace is about to shut and then you will truly have yourself to blame


May CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA take the place of honour in our journey to freedom. May he guide our feet in only one direction, the road to a Free, Sovereign and Independent Biafran Nation. May he strengthen all TRUE and HONEST IPOB family members worldwide. May he guard, protect and lead our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.







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