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2023: Power in wrong hands can destroy Nigeria, says Tambuwal

  Governor Aminu Tambuwal, a PDP presidential aspirant, has warned that letting the wrong presidential candidate assume power in 2023 can pr...


Governor Aminu Tambuwal, a PDP presidential aspirant, has warned that letting the wrong presidential candidate assume power in 2023 can prove disastrous to Nigeria.


He also advised the party’s delegates in Lagos not to mortgage the future of their children by voting for the wrong aspirant.


Mr Tambuwal, in company of PDP chieftains, stated this when he met the  national delegates of the Lagos chapter of the  PDP on Wednesday night in Ikeja.


The party’s presidential primary elections will be held on May 28 and 29.


“Don’t mortgage the future of your children, don’t mortgage the future of this country. This is the ‘Centre of Excellence’, you must go for excellence. Check all, and be guided by conscience as you cast your vote on May 28 and 29,” he urged the delegates.


The Sokoto governor said he performed well as a former speaker of the House of Representatives and governor of Sokoto.


“It is not about where you are from. It is about your person, character, competence, capacity and whether the people can trust you with power. Power in the wrong hands can destroy everything,” stated Mr Tambuwal. “You must, therefore, put on your thinking caps and think wisely as we put up measures to nominate our party’s flag bearer who can together and collectively with all of  us and other leaders of our party,  win the election for the PDP.”


The governor pledged not to be a dictator but rather to  run a fully democratic governance.


Mr Tambuwal, who decried the level of insecurity, economic hardship and corruption, said his first priority if elected would be to forge unity in the country and give hope to the hopeless.


He cautioned against sentiments in choosing the party’s flag bearer.


“The job is a very taxing one. It requires experience because we cannot afford to take the risk of experimenting leadership in this country again. Nigeria is indeed challenged and we must do everything humanly possible together to surmount the challenges and to build it,” Mr Tambuwal added. “We must be very clear in our vision and in understanding the type of leader Nigeria requires at this time.”


According to him, Nigeria needs a leader with experience in democratic governance.


“I understand issues of this country, having served for 12 years in the House of Representatives and related with the representatives of virtually 360 federal constituencies of this country at different times as a member, minority leader, deputy chief whip and ultimately as speaker of the house of representatives,” he told the Lagos delegates.


Mr Tambuwal added, “I have been more close with most of the representatives from various tribes of this country. I understand the issues of this country are as complex as they are. They (issues) require dexterity, capacity, competence and character. We can and we must make Nigeria work. Nigeria will work again for all of us.”


 The Sokoto governor also called for unity and understanding among PDP members in Lagos to begin the process of  ruling the state in 2023.


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