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Ugwuanyi supports Mbaka’s Adoration Centre to establish university hospital

  Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu says his administration will support the establishment of a university hospital at Adoration Centre, En...


Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu says his administration will support the establishment of a university hospital at Adoration Centre, Enugu.


Mr Ugwuanyi said this when Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN) and Nandiswar Kaushal, group chairman, HP Kapital Limited, and his team visited him at Government House, Enugu.


They came with a proposal by HP Kapital Limited, a British firm, to partner AMEN to build a 500-bed university hospital.


The proposal also included building of three factories, a waste management plant and other facilities within the vicinity of the centre.


The delegations visited Mr Ugwuanyi to formally inform him of their remodelling plan for the centre.


The plan is for the centre to serve as a multifunctional facility to include a university hospital of international standard with specialised medical services and facilities, including a helipad and air ambulance.


Others are a five-star hotel, recreation facility and convention centre, among others.


Mr Ugwuanyi added that the government would do all required, considering its limited resources, to assist and ensure that the project succeeds.


Requesting land for the project, the delegation also informed the governor of their plan to build an energy plant to manage waste and convert it to wealth.


They also said they would build three factories that would employ 600 people locally, and 40 engineers who would be trained abroad. These will benefit the state and the local community.


Mr Ugwuanyi expressed delight at the project action plan which is in line with his agenda of creating jobs for the youths and providing qualitative and affordable healthcare services to residents, including rural dwellers.


He added that his administration would continue to support and encourage any venture that would create jobs and add value to the state’s economy and living standard of the people.


Earlier in his presentation, Kaushal informed Ugwuanyi that the university hospital would be affiliated with “Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT), and AU University in Britain.”


He also stated that the degrees that would be awarded would be in collaboration with ESUT and AU British University.


The chairman disclosed that the company hopes to have an initial strength of 7,500 students in a number of different curricula, “not only in medicine.”


He explained further that “the staff accommodation is going to be 2,500 people” locally and internationally.


On corporate social responsibility, the chairman said they would help the needy and less privileged, revealing that “10 per cent of all beds, no matter the cost of the bill, will be free so far as those patients are registered citizens of Enugu state.”


Mr Mbaka thanked the governor for his fatherly support, pointing out that it would be a thing of joy for “the generation to come to know that this project was established in Governor Ugwuany’s time.”


He said the project is coming to Enugu because of the existing peace and the enabling environment provided by the governor.


“The HP Kapital Limited is not just coming as a mono entrepreneurial team; we are partnering with them. It is a holistic partnership between them and the Adoration Ministry. All you have suggested are in tandem with our vision and mission, especially when you talked about the charitable dimension and how this will be beneficial to the inherent resident community; it is part and parcel of our dream,” he said.


Mr Mbaka prayed for the timely commencement and successful completion of the project.


He assured Mr Ugwuanyi of their collective commitment and determination to ensure that he inaugurates some of the projects before the end of his administration.


“Your Excellency, by the time you are not in the office as governor of Enugu state, there are a lot of things for which you should be remembered for. I pray that among all the credible, multiple, pragmatic, and demonstrated developments, one of them should be this project we have come with today,” he said.


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