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Nigeria Agents Planting IEDS Bomb In Every Corner Of Biafra Land – IPOB

  IPOB PRESS RELEASE 06/06/2022   We are the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)   under our great le...





We are the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  under our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to alert Biafrans and the International community that the Nigeria security agents especially Nigeria Army have changed tactics in its desperation to indite IPOB and ESN volunteers. The Nigerian terrorists in army uniform has now resorted to planting bombs in Biafraland in pursuance of its evil agenda to commit mass murder of our people.


It is on record that IPOB, ESN, Volunteers and members have no business with IEDs because we do not need IEDs to drive Fulani terrorist Herdsmen from our forests and Farm lands. The Nigerian army however now populated or made up of Boko Haram and ISWAP are known to use IEDs because of their unquenching taste for innocent blood.


We urge Biafrans citizens and general public to be wary of the latest depopulation, indictment and victims blaming strategy being adopted by the Nigeria Army and DSS agents which qualifies as Nigerian State sponsored terrorism against the Indigenous People of Biafra,


Nigeria Government in their desperation to deminish the outstanding global reputation of IPOB and of the ESN at home, has fully institutionalised kidnapping in the South East as a secret revenue machine of the Government against the Igbos and the South. They are no longer satisfied with the Army and Police road blocks on every kilometre on our roads which extort billions of dollars from Biafrans yearly. Now they have notched it up a bit with kidnappings through the instrumentality of their Security agencies and its militia the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen.


It's unfortunate, absurd, disgraceful, humiliating, scandalous and cheap that Nigeria Government instead of simply heeding to the call by the International community to dialogue which IPOB leadership has rather insisted that the viable solution, is flooding the Military, Immigration, Customs, Civil Defense Counter Terrorists, DSS and other paramilitary agencies in the Biafran Territory fully armed to the teeth with guns and bombs which they now plant in our land at strategic locations that only them knows about. These IEDs they can activate, deactivate and exhume them at will in company of Government accredited media house members and staff for disinformation documentary and campaign against IPOB.


IPOB is a globally registered and recognised peaceful movement and cannot associate itself with explosives over political solutions because we value the lives of those for whom we agitate for their freedom. IPOB will only accept and do anything that will guarantee us freedom from Nigeria, this is not to say that our ingenuity, abundant talents and competencies are in doubt should the push come to shove.


Nigeria army burying explosives in the land of Biafra is to let our people know that Nigeria Government and its compromised security agencies especially army and DSS will like to kill every single person moving around in Biafraland and make a clear way for fulani to take over our ancestral lands. The international community knows that IPOB does not engage in explosives as Nigeria security agencies especially DSS and army personnel want them to believe but it important the we restate this fact that our struggle has no need of bombs and IEDs.




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