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2023: Don’t be used by selfish politicians – SDP presidential candidate, Adebayo urges CAN

  By John Owen Nwachukwu   Ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) presidential candidate, Prince Ad...


By John Owen Nwachukwu


Ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) presidential candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has enjoined the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) not to be used by selfish politicians but by the spirit of God.


Adewole stated this during the inaugural ceremony of the new CAN president, Archbishop Daniel Okoh on Thursday in Abuja.


Speaking immediately after the event, the presidential candidate urged CAN to play a unifying, non-partisan role ahead of the election.


He reiterated the call that Nigeria needs God-ordained leaders to rescue it.


“It is good that the Christian community has done their transition without rancour.


“This should be an example of what Nigeria can be. All the blocks in CAN came together and elected a leader. You will also see that it is the youngest of them all that is now the leader of CAN. It is a biblical thing about how God does his things.


“Everything about God is ordained. I am reminding the Christian community that in this time of tribulations we shouldn’t lose hope, this is a test of faith, and with all the problems Nigerians are going through, God will surely answer our prayers.


“Secondly, the Christian church is not only for Christians, the objective of the body of Christ isn’t to create disunity but unity. The Church is an inspiration for all Nigerians. And the mercy of God on Nigeria includes His presence of Christians.


“And that as we are looking for leadership to rescue this country, we should remember what happened when the Children of Israel were facing Goliath, the Philistine, it was not the big generals or the mighty ones God used to rescue them but the lonely David, who they never knew till that day.


“They should pray, they shouldn’t follow the news or any prediction rather let the Lord minister to them, so that from within a righteous one may arise and bring righteousness to the Country.


“CAN shouldn’t play Christian versus anybody mentality, but rather to unity the country.


“And to give a message that is ecumenical not only among the Christians but among all the religious communities in Nigeria.


“I also reminded that CAN, that the priest, bishops and eminences are people called as instruments of God. This is a moment where politicians use anybody, they shouldn’t be used by anybody but by the spirit of God.


“And that in this year of politics they will not become an instrument of men but of God, and that nobody should use them for politics.


“And that they should pray for the country and get us together. If the church is united for righteousness and they aren’t against anyone but searching for God’s guidance/answer, the moment of rescue is coming and God should give us the right person to lead the nation”, he stated.


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