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IPOB Washes Hands off Viral Videos Purporting Ogwu Death, Says the Videos are False and IPOB/ESN Not Involved

  We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KA...


We, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to condemn the barbarity of all criminal gangs in Orsuihiteukwa, Orsumoghu, Orsumenyi and Orlu axis in Imo State.


IPOB want to clarify that the viral videos showing the execution of a man with a red T-shirt  and pair of Jeans  who was extrajudicially killed  in Imo state is not  Ogwu (the mayor of Mozambique) the Ebubeagu Commander in Imo State that masterminded the killing of 14 innocent youths in Awomanma Imo state some weeks ago. It is important we lucidates that IPOB declared him wanted but the extrajudicially murdered person was not Ogwu the Ebebubeagu Commander.


According to our investigation on that horrific video that went viral the deceased was killed by some criminal gangs created by Hope Uzodinma. According to our intelligence report and discovery he was accused by the criminal gang of sabotage. The young man was deceived that he was joining ESN and along the line he found out he was recruited into a criminal gang and not ESN. He decided to escaped from their camp. The criminal group started searching for him for the fear he might be a big threat and danger to them .


Unfortunately, they sighted him around “Eke Ututu” in Orsuihiteukwa axis in Orlu Imo State yesterday and kidnapped him. He was taken towards  Lilu/Uda aixs around Ihiala area, executed him and dumped his body in a pit assumed to have other dead bodies from the video evidence as everyone can see circulating on social media. 


These are the evil we continue to expose in Imo state, we have on several occasions alerted the public the kind of criminality going-on in those axis. Most of these criminals and murderers were recruited and armed by Hope Uzodinma and the killer mercenaries called Ebubeagu in colloboration with Nigeria DSS. Hope Uzodima brought all these killers into Imo State to increase insecurity and to exterminate young Igbo youths. Insecurity is a big business in Nigeria because it's an opportunity to launder money by some governors and be in good book for his Fulani Masters in Abuja.  He is cashing on insecurity in Imo State as some of his colleagues in Abuja and the North are making more money with Boko Haram and other bandictry business and terrorism.


IPOB stated this before now that the criminals were Hope Uzodinma's creation and the Niger Delta militants which Asari Dokubo helped him to import his criminal brothers from Kalabari into the State will metamorphosed into the high class cannibalism in the East. Hope Uzodinma was paid to kill and demonise IPOB but he will only destroy himself and his family because IPOB is pursuing a genuine course for Biafra freedom. 


Our people must come together and ask Hope Uzodinma why he created this monsters in our mist.


These criminals strategies does not tally with IPOB strategy because we are freedom fighters and not killers of our people whom we are paying ultimate price on daily basis to liberate.


Some dissidents and enemies of Biafra freedom were busy sharing videos of the heinous crime in order to discredit and tarnish the image of ESN operatives and IPOB volunteers in the region.


The ESN has nothing to do with the cannibalism going on among these criminals imported from Fulani and Niger Delta militants headed by Asari Dokubo.


Asari Dokubo threatened before now that he will kill many Igbo people as possible as he could to demonise IPOB but one thing is certain all Igbo people cannot be killed by kalabari criminals brought by Asari Dokubo into Imo State against the innocent citizens of the State.


Hope Uzodinma you can kill today but tomorrow, same monsters might turn against you and your family. The man was killed because he rejected to be part of the infamous group Ebubeagu militia that kidnap for ransom, snatches cars and killing of innocent citizens and continue blaming ESN operatives and IPOB volunteers.



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