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Alomo Bitters celebrates African Youth with inspiring new campaign ‘Baba Na, Baba”

  By Daily Post Staff   After being excluded from global reckoning for so long, young achievers from all over Africa have risen to pione...


By Daily Post Staff


After being excluded from global reckoning for so long, young achievers from all over Africa have risen to pioneer new feats with groundbreaking achievements. To commemorate this and to celebrate the young achievers, Alomo bitters, Africa’s pioneer bitters and product of Kasapreko Company Limited has launched its ‘Baba na Baba’ campaign.


This campaign is a celebration of the true African spirit which has inspired the new generation of achievers. It is a toast to the doggedness and resilience of the African youth who are breaking new grounds, breaking records and winning laurels in diverse fields of endeavour.


Richard Adjei, Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Limited, in a conversation explained that “Times have changed as the Africa we once knew, which used to be relegated to the background in terms of achievements no longer exists. Every day, this new generation of achievers makes their marks in different fields like technology, entertainment, sports, and innovation. Driven by the spirit of resilience which we call the African Spirit, they are forging their own path”.


He further explained that “All of these – the drive, the enthusiasm and staying true to themselves in spite of all, embody the Alomo Bitters spirit which has kept us at the fore of the bitters market for over 20 years while retaining the unique taste and authenticity we were first known for. So, every taste of Alomo bitters is a celebration of that great spirit driving Africa towards greatness”.


In the same vein, the International Business Development Director, Francis Holly Adzah, explains that, “Creativity, confidence and fearlessness in our youths have helped them take the front seat in pioneering new feats. This campaign will inspire rising achievers to break new grounds and earn even more global acclaim as we open up the bitters market to new audiences.”.


He further explained, “While this is a fully integrated marketing campaign including consumer events, display advertising, social and PR initiatives, consumers should look forward to other promotional activities and avenues to further engage with the brand in the coming months”.


The MD of Bluebird Communications, Mr. Kayode Ebatamehi while speaking on the campaign said that, “based on consumer and market insights, Alomo Bitters is a leading brand in the Alcoholic Bitters segment. The campaign theme, Baba na Baba reinforces this leadership position, and is also relatable to young millennials and Gen-Zs who are heavily influenced by pop culture.”


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