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We are Not Guilty – IPOB Declares Over Abduction of Army Woman, Murder Of Gulak

  The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to disa...


The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to disassociate IPOB and ESN Operatives from Nigeria Government's baseless accusation of the murder of Alhaji Almed Gulak. It is very pathetic and unfortunate that Nigeria Police in Imo State who once claimed they have uncovered the murderers and killers of Alhaji Gulak has  turned around and are now blackmailing IPOB years after the murder with the same case. 


In desperation to blackmail IPOB, Nigeria Government keep rubbishing themselves by linking IPOB and ESN to the murder of an innocent man who visited Imo State for his business deal with Hope Uzodinma is not only wicked but stupid. At the time Alhaji Gulak was murdered, Nigeria Police tried to hang the murder on IPOB using the media, but Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma publicly dissociated and exonerated IPOB from the murder. The Governor of Imo State referred to the murder as a political killing. We are surprised today that Imo State police started again with their Nigeria gutter media propaganda to blackmail IPOB with the same fake information being made available to the public.


For Nigeria Police to make frivolous claims on this murder case, they need to answer these important questions:


1. Does Alhaji Gulak have any business with IPOB?


2. Is he in any way obstructing IPOB agitation?


3. Who invited the man to Imo State?


4. Who organized his movement to and from Imo State Airport and his security details?


5. Has there been any time that IPOB has ever gone after our enemy let alone a non-enemies?


The so-called runaway soldier by the name Chinwendu, aka Onye army, has never joined ESN, so that was staged to demonise IPOB. IPOB does not know him, let alone have him be a Commander in ESN. He was known to be one of the political thugs of Hope Uzodinma. If he was contracted by Hope Uzodinma to murder Alhaji Gulak because of his business deal with him, IPOB should not be roped into their shenangan, business, politics, or assassination.


IPOB and ESN Operatives are disciplined and focused. We are not political and don't get involved in Nigeria political thugery.


DSP Abattam, the Imo State Police spokesperson, must mind himself and stop ridiculing himself and their police institution. 


Similarly, Nigeria Army has again started building up another lies against innocent IPOB


that IPOB captured an Army Lt in Enugu, IPOB is not responsible for the abduction of this Army woman and IPOB is not unknown gunmen and can never be, we are advising Nigerian Army to arrest those responsible for this heinous crime against woman.


You can understand that the abductors of the Army woman made it clear in the viral video that unknown gunmen has nothing to do with IPOB movement, we wonder why the Nigeria Army and police always blame IPOB for any criminality seen in the region, we condemn the reckless act against the woman Army. The Nigeria Army would be making mistakes if they insist calling IPOB name.


Obvious that Nigeria Police and army aware of those who masterminded the murder of Alhaji Gulak, and abductor of the Army Lt and they refused to expose them and mentioning IPOB name all the time.


If the murder of such a high political figure and Army personnel was not investigated two years after and now blaming IPOB, it's shows that some state actors have vested interest in the case and don't want the investigation to happen.


The purported arrest of one Onye army is completely stage managed news. Hope Uzodinma's political assassin used for media blackmail against IPOB and ESN  is a smokescreen to blanket the real murderers of Alhaji Gulak.


The more the Nigeria  government unjustly blackmail and persecute innocent IPOB, the more they will keep exposing their shallow minds and reasoning to the world. Nigeria Police and Hope Uzodinma, IPOB is not involved because we have no dealings with any Nigeria politician.




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