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Hard One: IPOB Maintains Stance Against Nigeria’s Forthcoming Election; Calls Exercise Selection Process

  The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi ...


The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU who is illegally detained in DSS solitary confinement once more unequivocally and publicly declare our lack of interest in the Nigeria fraudulent selection process called elections coming up in this month February, 2023.


We have stated for umpteenth time that we have nothing to do with the Nigeria elections and have neither called for a boycott nor do we have the intention  to call for election boycott during this coming elections. More importantly IPOB has not called for any Sit-At-Home during the duration of the election and therefore distance ourselves from any purported sit-at-home in Biafra land during the election. Those calling for "No Election" and sit-at-home during the election period are simply Fulani agents whose sole motive is to discredit our Self Determination movement by attempting to paint it as an anti-democratic force.


Their intension is to create the ground work for the international community to view IPOB as being against democratic process and provide them with an excuse to clamp down on our activities and on IPOB Leadership. Nigeria Security Agencies have kept silent on these double agents because they are working for the Nigeria government. Let IPOB call for this sit-at-home or No Election, the entire Nigeria Security Agencies would have been ranting and threatening the entire Biafra land.


Those calling for no election or Sit-at-home during this forthcoming fraudulent election do not represent IPOB, are not IPOB family members never were IPOB family members and are not working for Mazi Nnamdi KANU.  We have continued to make this fact public and for reasons best known to the Nigerian Media and some public commentators, they have deliberately continually attributed the actions of these Nigerian politicians and Nigerian government paid infiltrators to the noble movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB WORLDWIDE.


IPOB cannot legitimise a process whose foundation is ab initio ofyourchoice. This is one of the reasons we have distance ourselves from the selection process called Nigeria elections. Our position remains that Nigeria is an irredeemable fraudulent country, and not even your vote can change the fantastically corrupt British enterprise called Nigeria.

Our focus remains the unconditional release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU as the Court of Appeal has ordered and Referendum date for Biafrans to determine their political future.


IPOB DOS and the leadership will make a landmark on radio Biafra by MAZI CHINASA NWORU on Friday 24th night on the issue of elections and to tell Biafrans that we are not stopping anybody from performing his or her civic responsibility by voting person of your choice, IPOB did not order sit-at-home IPOB is not against anybody coming out for elections everybody should go out on these days criminals mentioned as sit-at-home. There is no sit-at-home order in Biafraland.




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