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A Recap On The Need To End Nigeria And Save Lives

A Recap On The Need To End Nigeria And Save Lives Written by Esiaba Chibuihe Date : 8th ,June 2024 Before i proceed, let's go through a ...

A Recap On The Need To End Nigeria And Save Lives

Written by Esiaba Chibuihe

Date : 8th ,June 2024

Before i proceed, let's go through a Daily Trust headline of this weekend which says

"Bandits Kill 7 Policemen, 35 Others In Zamfara, Katsina"

Bandits have killed at least 42 persons in different attacks on many villages in Zamfara and Katsina states.

In Zamfara State, 12 people, including seven policemen, were killed on Thursday been 6th June 2024 at Magarya village in Zurmi Local Government Area. Among the victims were a member of the Zamfara State Community Guards, also known as Askarawan Zamfara, and four residents of the village.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Muhammad Shehu Dalijan, confirmed the killing of his officers to Daily Trust last night.

The CP said the bandits, numbering about 300, stormed the village on motorbikes.

“They surrounded our men and opened fire on them, thereby killing seven of them and injuring several others.

“The bandits were not happy with our men who prevented them from carrying out their heinous act for over two years now.

Source: daily trust.

Back to my opinion article 

Nigerian citizens in #Zamfara & #Katsina are currently going through genocide by Fulani terrorists, they've been left to their fate by the Nigeria government. The military that is supposed to protect these helpless civilians are in Abia State for peace keeping. There is an out blown war/massacre of harmless citizens in the North, by terrorists, but the national security chiefs are moving the military and their armoury towards East (the most peaceful region) for peace keeping. Just imagine, the Nigerian government continues to siege Biafraland with countless military and police checkpoints, leaving the North at the mercies of Fulani terrorists. 

Once you identify yourself as a Nigerian, honestly you deserve this hate action from the Fulani jihadists. You won't hear hypocritical groups like International Coalition Against Christian Genocide In Nigeria (ICAC- GEN) boldly point out the sponsors of Fulani terrorism in the North, but they'll quickly write rubbish once it comes to the East. Even a blind person can see that the Obikabia attack on a sacre day of Biafra fallen heroes remembrance day 30th May, 2024 was planned, executed by Hope Uzodinma and his APC kinsmen to blackmail IPOB and Abia State government and have a ground to interrupt the good works Dr. Alex Otti is doing. The same way they killed Ahmed Gulak on 30th May 2021 just to blackmail Ndi Igbo and invade Imo state, it has been their game. But this mushroom group couldn't read between the lines, but allowed their hatred against IPOB to overrule their conscience by pointing accusing fingers on IPOB as the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Everyone of you must jettison your h@tred against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, and save your generation from being exterminated by the Fulani jihadists. They keep operating unchallenged because Nigerian youths have refused to reason beyond their Igbo resentment.

 Why won't they slaughter you? When you have refused to listen to the warnings of IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for over a decade now. Yoruba gutta media are stage-managed by the #British to be managing and manipulating your common sense of reasoning into believing and seeing Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as your sole domestic enemy, instead of a saviour. 

We are all in a big mess unless we rise up and stop this janjaweeds from Sahel. The contraption called Nigeria is unsalvageable. Today, the Fúlani terr0rists have a senator pushing a bill that equates the rights of Nigerians as equal to Fulani cows, seeking for Fulani cow's rights to be protected as Nigerian citizens in the house of senate. But all the Yoruba gutta media, including their so called intelligentsia the likes of Reno-Omokri who would have pulled down brimstone if it were an Igbo senator that proposed a bill seeking for protection of Igbo lives and properties in Lagos, but they've all gone mute. And it's rightly so because Nigerian youths are worst than lazy, every Nigerian youth are now online doing all manner of rubbish in the name of content creation, while some youths who sees the likes of Cubana chief priest a social media promoter of money-ritual (ego mbute) as their role model are in Ghana doing HK.

Till date, Fulani terr0rists continues ransacking military barracks in the North, slaughtering Nigerìan military and policemen, we are still waiting for the Nigerian president Bola Ahmed Tinubu (A certified drug-barron and a certificate fudger) to issue the same genocidal memo he issued In Abia State against Ndi Igbo for routine our rights to civil disobedience. The Niggerìan state armed/sponsored Fulani terr0rists are battle ready in the North, while the Nigerian military are battle ready in the East for peace keeping, how does this make sense to you? Though it will make sense to Niggerìans and Africans because we're unreasonable. The same way Africans believed that NATO went and invaded Lybia for peace keeping and humanitarian aid, after which they bombed Lybia's economic to ground zero, stole all their treasure. That's where Nigerìa borrows this deceptive mantra of 'peace keeping' once they wants to commit genocide in Biafraland.

If we fail to revolt against these mass murderers -backed by the British to frustrate and render us useless, they will decimate us and the world will look the other way. As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said on Radio Biafra, "Nigerìa is the root curse of your pain and suffering, if we fail to end Nigerìa, it will end all of us".


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