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Aba Soldiers Killing : IPOB Reveals Those Responsible

Aba Soldiers Killing : IPOB Reveals Those Responsible 13th June,2024. June ,12 ,2024,  IPOB PRESS RELEASE  The Noble family and movement of ...

Aba Soldiers Killing : IPOB Reveals Those Responsible

13th June,2024.

June ,12 ,2024,  IPOB PRESS RELEASE 

The Noble family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu wish to let the public know that aggrieved Fulani terrorist kidnapping traders at Lokpanta in connivance with some Fulanis  in the military authority in Abia State were responsible for the attack and murder of 4 Igbo Soldiers in Aba on May 30th, Biafra Heroes Day. The attack was masterminded to blackmail IPOB and to attack the government of Dr. Alex Otti of Abia State.

The Nigerian government and her murderous Army falsely and hastily accused IPOB as responsible for the attack on Nigeria soldiers in Aba on May 30th, 2024, during the Biafra Heroes Day. IPOB denied the allegations and called for an investigation into the murder of the soldiers. Instead of carrying out an investigation, the Nigerian Government and Nigerian Army resulted in media blackmail against IPOB because it was a premeditated plan to blackmail IPOB and Governor Otti, the executive governor of Abia State. 

However, IPOB's Intelligence unit (the M.Branch) went uncover among the Fulani traders to unravel the murderers of the soldiers on Biafra Heroes Day. The result of our findings was that the attackers were Fulani militias. It was discovered that some of the aggrieved Fulani kidnappers masquerading as cattle traders at the Lokpanta cattle market in connivance with the Fulani military hierarchy in Abia State launched the attack and murdered Nigerian soldiers to blackmail IPOB and to create confusion in the government of Governor Alex Otti for dislodging their criminal hideouts at Lokpanta cattle market. 

IPOB intelligence unit, M-Branch gathered that the Fulani criminals and kidnappers who were using Lokpanta market as a hideout were shut out of the market by Gov. Alex Otti's demolition of the shanties and brothels inside the Lokpanta market has been looking for means to create chaos in Abia State. The call by IPOB for a sit-at-home on 30th May to honor Biafrans Heroes provided an opportunity for them to launch an attack on Abia State.

The Obikabia military checkpoint was marked as the point to attack. They colluded with their  brothers in the Nigeria Army in Abia State, who posted only the Igbo soldiers and Christian soldiers from Plateau State to the Obikabia military checkpoint to be used as sacrificial lambs. The plan was to murder the Igbo and Christian soldiers to create division among Ndigbo.

That was the reason the Nigerian media were told to highlight that the murdered soldiers were Igbos. Nigeria media hardly attached the ethnicity or religion to the slain soldiers in the North, the army deployed only Igbo soldiers and  few Christian soldiers to duty post on that day because they had a secret mission to slaughter  their fellow soldiers who are Igbo and a few Christian soldiers. They didn't believe that this information would come to public notice. The murder of the soldiers in Aba was planned and meditated to demonise IPOB. The media propaganda strategy was put in place to ensure they create confusion among Ndigbo and the IPOB movement, but they didn't know that would fail. That is why the Nigerian Army accused IPOB of being responsible within hours of the attack. The next day, the Nigerian media named the slain soldiers as Igbo soldiers. The next day, the Nigerian President also issued a genocidal and wicked statement against IPOB and Ndigbo comparing what happened to Okuama Community in Delta State incident as child's play to what is going to happen in Abia State. It was a well coordinated plan to blackmail IPOB and to set the stage for military invasion of Abia State Government. The M-Branch intelligence unit also revealed that Miyetti Allah terrorist groups and Fulani jihadists are planning a second attack any moment from now, and they will mention IPOB-ESN to demonise us. 

The aggrieved Fulani kidnappers shut out from the Lokpanta market want to bring harm to Governor Alex Otti's government in Abia State, and their collaborators in the Nigerian Army are not happy with Governor Otti and his Government as well. They want to destabilize and create chaos in Abia State. Dr. Alex Otti must be very careful and watchful. 

The aggrieved Fulani terrorists and their jihadist soldiers have vowed to make Abia State ungovernable for Dr Alex Otti. Those of them in the Nigerian Army are under pressure to attack Abia civilians in retaliation of the false flag operation of 30th May. These Fulani terrorists have received funding from Miyetti Allah to mobilize and send some terrorists into Abia State if their friends in the Nigerian Army refuse to slaughter Abia residents and create confusion. Miyetti Allah terrorist organization funds most of the kidnapping and criminalities in the South East.

IPOB-ESN is waiting for the Miyetti Allah imported terrorists in Igboland. Though, the Fulani terrorist masquerading as herdsmen are enjoying the protection of the Nigeria Army. Nevertheless, IPOB-ESN will never allow them to turn South East into a war zone like they did in the North. 

IPOB, however, cautions Governor Alex Otti not to capitulate under pressure to allow traders to reside inside the Lokpanta market. Since  the shanties at the Lokpanta market were demolished, the crime rate and kidnapping cases along the Lokpanta axis have been drastically reduced. IPOB advocates for the total shutdown of the Lokpanta cattle market. If not to completely reform it, allowing only the legitimate traders in the market, and not criminals, terrorists and kidnappers. 

IPOB remains a non-violent freedom fighting movement. All false flag operations that the Nigerian government and her murderous Security Forces have adopted in murdering innocent policemen, soldiers, and civilians to blackmail IPOB have failed and will continue to fail. 


#FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow #Biafra #IPOB #ESN #BiafraReferendumNow

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