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ESN Operatives Intercept Foreign Fulani Terrorists – IPOB

ESN Operatives Intercept Foreign Fulani Terrorists – IPOB 16th , June , 2024 Eastern security network, ESN , has intercepted nigeria bound f...

ESN Operatives Intercept Foreign Fulani Terrorists – IPOB

16th , June , 2024

Eastern security network, ESN , has intercepted nigeria bound foreign Fulani terrorist groups.

Making this disclosure in a press release by its spokesperson, emma Powerful, it said, “in the wee hours of 12th June 2024, the indomitable ESN Operatives intercepted some foreign Fulani terrorists with various charms and substances suspected to be poisonous substances in one of the border communities in Biafra territory.

“During the interrogations, only one of the terrorists who spoke in broken igbo language and pigeon english said that they were many sent to infiltrate Biafra territory, which include, south east and south south. he said some of them are already    on the ground, and more are coming. 

“The intercepted foreign Fulani terrorists were sent to destroy the

agricultural revolution going on in Biafra land, to poison our water sources, and massacre the Biafra population. On arrival, their members in the nigerian Army will supply them with weapons and ammunition for their operations. 

Therefore, Biafrans be on high alert. Monitor your environment, bushes, and forest and report to IPOB using the contact numbers made available online, on radio Biafra, and through other available channels,” it pleaded.

“When a call for support of ESN is made, lots of Biafrans wave it outside while leaving the burden to fund esn to only iPOB family members. 

Some Biafrans prefer to spray money at parties instead of spending it to fund ESN. A cow does not understand the value of its tail until it’s cut off.

“ESN  needs the support of every Biafran. IPOB calls on Biafran entrepreneurs and business people, clergy, farmers, social media influencers, sport legends and everyone to support ESN  in whatever capacity in order for them to continue to defend our land against foreign invasion by the terrorists. ESN  are the courageous and disciplined operatives who have taken an oath to defend Biafra land with their lives.

“However, they need logistics support, prayers, corporation, and encouragement from Biafrans. You can support the ESN by visiting the IPOB website (www.ipob. org) and clicking on the “donate” button or using the PayPal link to make an anonymous donation in support of ESN .

“Our message to the Fulani terrorists and their sponsors is that their planned conquest of Biafra land is impossible as long as IPOB and ESN  are on the ground. They will continue to come, and the land of Biafra shall continue to swallow them up. Biafrans arise and support ESN , which is the last line of defense for all of us. Those Biafrans sabotaging ESN are the ones encouraging Fulani terrorists to invade and massacre our people. But they will not succeed by the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama,”IPOB prayed.

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