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Reign Of Impunity By Mkpuka SARS Exposed

Reign Of Impunity By Mkpuka SARS Exposed  June 21st, 2024 We are here to highlight and expose the evil activities of Mkpuka SARS (RRS) who h...

Reign Of Impunity By Mkpuka SARS Exposed 

June 21st, 2024

We are here to highlight and expose the evil activities of Mkpuka SARS (RRS) who have for the past month been terrorizing nearby communities at Isiala Ngwa and Osisioma LGA's of Abia State.

Prior to the recent re-emergence of this very Rapid Response Squad (RRS/SARS) at their office at Toll-gate in Mkpuka, Isiala Ngwa South Local government Area of Abia State, which stopped existing after angry youths burned some buildings in that premises with which they shared with FRSC office after an FRSC operative stabbed a motorist to death on a checkpoint at Umuikaa junction on 1st April-2022.

On a Saturday night, 4th May, 2024- a police officers that normally set road blocks every evening opposite this (old) SARS office for extortion were attacked by gunmen, leaving two police officers, one civil defense corp and a bike rider (okada) dead. According to information gathered from nearby residents of the scene, they said that these gunmen were heard chanting 'All Must Hail Biafra', a deceptive bid to hide the true perpetrators of this crime. Just three days from this incident, on Tuesday, 7th of May, 2024, Mkpuka SARS reappeared at their office, once again. A stage managed attack to secure a ground to resume their heinous activities.

The peace that people were enjoying from this area were stolen, inflicting pain and unnecessary suffering on our people. Forceful disappearance of youths has been the order of the day ever since this SARS resumed work. 

There's this notorious kidnapper kingpin, a former vigilante officer called Eze Moses, from Umuacha village in Isiala Ngwa South. He has a hand in the kidnapping of a husband and wife, who came back from Lagos during festive period and was kidnapped on their way back from cross-over night - in the early hours of 1st January, 2024 at their village in Mba, Isiala Ngwa South LGA, Abia State.

He works closely with this Mkpuka SARS through their headman popularly known as FREEDOM. They are friends.
In the third week of May, the father to a millionaire business man, Chinweotito Onwueyi (C-PET enterprise) from Umuikaa village was kidnapped, when this matter came up at this office, they collected the sum of Five hundred thousand naira (N500000) from the family, and from the behind, this same Eze Moses approached this same family, convinced them to pay him the sum of 1.5million naira (which they paid) to be able to lead this same Mkpuka SARS to the hideout of this kidnappers.

 On a set date for this operation, Eze Moses lured this SARS officers to Owerri-nta were they were seen drinking, and on this process Eze was secretly in contact with these kidnappers until he lost their contact and decided to sneak away from this drunkards making his way to Eberi-Omuma in Omuma Local Government Area of River State, where this man was held hostage. But, couldn't make it back on time as the SARS officers who were waiting at Owerri-nta were calling his line but it was switched off.

They went back disappointed, as Eze Moses showed up the next morning, he was detained for some hours and latterly freed by his friend FREEDOM.
 This man was released after which the family paid a ransom of 4million naira.

Mr Uchenna Nwoko was arrested by this group of SARS for buying a stolen car from Lagos towed down to Abia State, they gave him bail of 2.2millon naira. The driver who towed this car bailed himself with N500000, and the panel bitter who was involved to dismember the car paid N200000. Two business men from Ala ojii- in Aba who was involved in this business bailed themselves with the sum of 1milion naira each. The two persons who stoled this car are still in detention because they are demanding 10million naira each to free them.

On Tuesday, 18th of June, 2024, there's this ugly incident that claimed the life of another millionaire business man Mr Okechi Okpanku at his compound in Amavo- Umuagbaghi, Osisioma LGA of Abia State. This incident happened around 7-pm, when Eze Moses paid a surprise visit to Mr Okechi after which a suspicious vehicle patrolled within this vicinity. Mr Okechi became frightened and raised alarm, this same Eze Moses convinced Mr Okechi to inform Mkpuka SARS of this suspicious movement, which he did. At around 7:30-pm, this Mkpuka SARS/RSS arrived Mr Okechi's compound which is not up to 1km from their office, with their patrol Hilux. They released three gunshots in the air, told Mr Okechi that they were going for a mission at Osisioma junction, they left immediately after this man paid them the sum of thirty thousand naira. Mr Okechi were left with his family members, his two brothers from the same Community and Eze Moses. At around 8-pm gunmen invaded Mr Okechi's compound, Eze Moses escaped through the fence, as Mr Okechi tried to follow suit, he was shot down from the fence, they shot him severaly in front of his family members, killed his two brothers, and left.

 Mrs Okechi disclosed to our correspondent that immediately Mkpuka SARS left, that her late husband tried his possible best to discharge Eze Moses who stage-delayed them from locking the gate until this incident happened.

The police DPO at Umuikaa people station is aware of the criminalities of this Mkpuka SARS and their cohort, Mr Eze Moses.

They continues to indulge in forceful disappearance of youths, they have a one room cell with a little space, where they force not less than 28-civilians at a time. They have many informants, including Chinyeaka Edwin from Ngwa obi, Chinonso Dickson from Uratta in Isiala Ngwa North, and many others. Mostly these two are responsible for labelling people IPOB members to this deadly squad. They arrest innocent civilians, tag them IPOB/ESN members to torture and extort them. 

They divert flashy cars into their office, accusing youths who look responsible as yahoo boys to extort huge sums of money from them. They continues to interfere with communal land dispute maters. These and many more heinous activities.

We are using this report/medium to highlight Abia State government, Dr Alex Otti and general public on the need to disband this criminal SARS at Toll-gate, before it gets out of hand. IPOB will always fight criminalities from all angles to make sure Biafraland is safe for our people who are heading towards East for investments without fear of any molestation.

Credit: Abia State IPOB Media Warriors.

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